Khmer empire 802–1431 AD (Cambodia)


Angkor Wat

I hallucinate the voice of the big crowd

I see a big civilization

My breath skipped staring at your cultural excellence

Admiring classic engineering techniques

Perceiving perseverance of a soul ready to drink a whole sea

I hear commandment of rock solid mind leaders

In jaws of formidable time

Where you vanished?

My little heart pay all honor


Ruins near Ta Phrom


Sunset Ta Phrom
Thai- Cambodia Border
Privileged to click a snap in Angkor Wat

5 thoughts on “Khmer empire 802–1431 AD (Cambodia)

  1. Impressed by the clicks and carried away by the words. Angor wat is another cradle of civilization, of course, himesh, you start your writings from this cradle. Good start. All the best

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