Krabi – Phi-Phi – Phuket

Squash Writing:


Krabi – A look alike south Kerala

Greeny with Coconut trees

And para rubber trees rows

Taken a feel-home breath

Headed to coast

Mind blended harmony with Ao nang song

Sun set and raisen, started to Phi-Phi Island

Doubted- is this planned design from GOD?


Such a beautiful landscape

Jumped into the sea surface

Looking its aqua members

All of them dressed up well with colors

Welcoming the guests with whole heart

Sunlight made corals majestic

Depth of sea feared my heart

Life jacket science overcome fear

Got back to boat ready for Kayak

Local mowgli guide was awesome

Fun ride in deep’n’shallow sea

Finally arrived Phi-Phi sea shore

It’s a full moon to add more josh

C2H6O made the crowd in ecstasy

Felt a little heaven down the earth

Lost in time and unaware when the next day came

Lazy start and check out the room

A look again from the hill top view point,

Rushed to catch ferry to Phuket,


Having fun at the tip of ferry

The rushing ship against commanding sea

Drenched in raisen sea waves

Arrived Phuket,

Calm time at Patong beach

Then flew away high and long

Bye Bye Phuket n your cousin Krabi

Now above the cosmopolitan Bangkok @midnight

She dressed like a princess embedded with Platinum and Gold

You Beauty here we come

To live the normal day life on your lap.


Photo credits: Anirudh, Raghu n me :p


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