Recreational place of GOD – inking the experience in Northern most Thailand


Video Credits: Venky  {Venky_Insta}


I knew Leisure just as a word before this trip

As usual the tour started with the plan from buddy Venky

We four form the team

Flew from princess Bangkok and reached Chiang Rai

Don Muang airport – Bangkok

Chiang Rai – Clock Tower
Stay at classic 50 year old hotel

A two star facility with five star hospitality


Night in the town roaming and slept peacefully

Woke up in the morning with chaos, chaos?

Planning an unplanned trip is chaos

Head North East or North West?

Rent a Car or Bike?

Check out room now or later?

Even coffee or tea?

Finally headed north east in bike after a coffee leaving  the bags in the room


Reached Golden triangle,

Nothing special there through eyes of nature

But very special through eyes of mind

Standing on the thread which separates Thailand, Myanmar and Laos

If I see a snail moving on the ground I see Thailand

If I see a bird flying away from nose I see Laos

If I see a cat running to my left I see Burma

Throttled again towards the east

On the way saw ruins of old civilization built from red bricks

Surrounded by lush green bushes


Stopped at a Cafe and they served much appealing treat



Stomach become happy but eyes still in wanting

Took long drive to Pu Chi Fa(Hill points towards sky)

Wonderful landscape all the way

Any photo clicked can be framed

Finally reached there in the evening

Stay in the Wooden Home; slept early to get up for sunrise

It was raining in the early morning

Nature wearing the blanket made of silky mist

Keeping her beauty a secret

Climbed up the hill with little disappointment

Reached the peak

Waited for Nature to wake up

And finally she woke up and took us away with her beauty


Clouds beneath us all around

Felt like living in Lord Indra’s guest house

She rejuvenated all our senses, became a mystic person for a while


Felt the best happiness in mind since the last kiss from my nephew

Time and Responsibility forced us to leave

Shared moments with little rose buds

Climbed down the steep and to add flavor the malfunctioning break

Managed to stop with friction from shoes

Headed back to Chiang rai

Entered the White temple – Wat Rong Khun

Majestic like a Superman temple in Krypton planet


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Felt time is so generous with us

Poped into a large beautiful park

Mind felt like a big claypot filled with cold rain water

A complete trip heart recited

Got a taxi to airport

Flew high back to our city

And airasia landed playing trademark –Same old love– song





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