Love ‘n’ Life – Are they One?

Thousands of years ago, there was a beautiful village in the Himalayan valley. The village was so special that it enjoyed a unique winterspring season through out the year. The village was a garden and the garden was the village. All the people were farmers in the village.


The people were so kind to each other. They were mostly apple farmers, peach farmers and berry farmers. All people took only a few food for them and carry the other to a common assembly, where all the people took what they need.

In the middle of the garden village was a park where the King lived. He was so old, wise and very kind. He had a long long long mustache. Its so long, the kids used to play swing, hide n seek and also stretch the hair  to do a guitar.


All the kids in the garden village is taught by the King every morning. Afternoon kids sang songs, danced, play with King.

The garden village was the most happiest place in the earth.


In an usual day, an unusual thing happened. In the fine evening, when king was telling the short stories to kids, he suddenly collapsed.

Kids got bad surprise and started crying. All people in the village gathered. Not only people all birds,animals, insects came to see the king. Even flowers and seedlings came through the gentle breeze. All got deep sorrow and started crying. The whole garden village was in grief. A point came were no one can bear more. Kids, animals, birds, flowers and people started to pray in harmony.

A holy man came down from the sky. He told, Stop crying!!! It’s the time for King to go to heaven. Gods love him and want him there.

Suddenly a little kid who was hugging the King tight, jumped up. Pointed his little finger to the holy man and asked.


Do the GOD’s love for my King is more than my love?

All kids joined, and pointed the holy man and asked in harmony.

The people, birds, animals all joined and asked the same with the deep love and grief.

The heart of the holy man melted.

He replied, there is only one way to get your king back. This has to happen. Holy man put forward in bold voice

  1. All the birds in this village should sit on your King’s long long mustache
  2. All the animals in this garden village should encircle your King
  3. All the people in this garden village should pray in harmony
  4. The nature here should bring all winds and rains
  5. And finally, all the kids in the village should kiss your King

In the very next moment this all happened.


The wind with love entered through nostrils and pumped King’s heart. Children on King’s belly jumped on it with their little feet. The prayers entered through the ears and rejuvenated the brain. The kisses of kids brought back king’s sensations. And little flowers floating on breeze opened king’s eyes slowly.

They brought back their King’s life through their Love.

King stood up gradually. Every one in the garden village became happy in their every cell.

Holy man blessed the village and gave boon to everyone to live for 100 years.

He told “Love ‘n’ Life are one” and vanished.


Credit to the best friend who made me to create and write this.