Solution: Run-time error ‘5’: Invalid procedure or argument – PeopleSoft Excel to CI

  1. Go to View tab in Excel; Click on Macros > View Macros
  2. A dialog box appears, select “init” from the list of macro name and click on Run. Note: The data and template will get reset completely. Please have backup of configuration and data present in the excel before triggering “init”
  3. Now fill in connect information, create template, populate data and try again
  4. If error still persists, try opening excel in other compatibility mode(Right click on file > Click Properties >Compatibility tab)



Server name, Recurrence drop down grayed out in process scheduler; Solution:

This happens if the process profile associated with the user do not have the permission to do so.

Steps to solve ::

1. Navigate PeopleTools > Security > User profiles > User profiles. Search with the user id. You can find the “Process Profile” under “Permission Lists” group box. Copy that to clip board.

2. Now navigate PeopleTools > Security > Permissions & Roles > Permission Lists. Search with the copied value. And click on tab “Process”

3. Click on link “Process Profile Permissions” under “Process Permission” group box.

4. Now check the boxes “Override Server Parameters” for server name update and “Enable Recurrence Selection” to allow user to set Recurrences.

5. Save

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