My mind is corrupted

I cannot feel anything any more

I fall into false series of  introspection

Deeply puzzled in prejudices

I fight to come out of all of these

But my crooked mind is thick like iron

Seeking to melt it and burn out prejudices

Through only solution Love

But I have no such thing

Coz I’m a loser




Nan Province – North Thailand

Open eyed blindness


A none questioned stat

A week of 168 hours

45 hours @ office

63 hours of sleep

14 hours of commuting

15  hours social time

7 hours of  physiological activities

Add upto 85% time

Looked inward and asked

“To whom and why I sold my time”

Dedicated to my best enemy in the dictionary – “Conformity”


Make a miracle from few

Make a miracle from few

In my childhood I thought we need a lot of things to create a miracle

Later I realized with my little knowledge

It’s not about the number of things on hand

But its all about how deeeeep we understand each of the things on our hand

Today I found a best example to show it from Maestro Ilaiyaraaja


-Dedicated to Maestro Ilaiyaraaja _/\_

just 3 notes song  Sa Re Ga (C D E)

Suprised!!!, Yes I’m not out of it since the time I watched it.

the beginning


The day has come where I’m losing hope in People
People change, not pointing its their mistake
Bundled emotions drives people’s mind
Everyone is helpless until they become sharp enough
Enough being closer with such
I believe I can travel solo
Not to seek pleasure
But to seek the truth

I believe my intellect is strong
I didn’t nurture it believing people around me might be true
Now I realized they are not true

Ready to take my dimension path
To objectify the longing of my intellect